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How does the blood oxygen smartwatch work

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Recently, many consumers have discovered that a brand-new smart device has appeared in the wearable smart device market, which is the blood oxygen smartwatch. For such a smartwatch, many consumers want to know what convenient functions such a smart device can bring? Regarding the function of the blood oxygen smartwatch, the staff of the Shenzhen Veepoo Technology R&D department introduced that the smartwatch measuring human blood oxygen concentration can play a good real-time performance for the measurer’s physical state, exercise status, and even altitude sickness. Monitoring effect, and for the elderly, if you wear such a smartwatch, it is very helpful for the monitoring of the physical state.

Since this blood oxygen smartwatch is advertised in the publicity, many consumers want to know how such a smart device worn on the hand can measure human blood oxygen saturation in real time with a watch. Whether human blood oxygen saturation is really reliable, this is a question that many consumers currently have about such a smart device that has just come out. Faced with such a question, a professional engineer is still needed to introduce it. Professionals from Shenzhen Veepoo Technology said that one of the cores of smartwatches that can monitor human blood oxygen saturation in real time is to use optical sensors. Watches that can monitor human blood oxygen saturation in real time will have a dedicated blood oxygen saturation monitoring module inside. This smart module is an intelligent module composed of three parts: an optical sensor, a front-end signal acquisition system, and a terminal algorithm.

Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. once launched a blood oxygen watch. This blood oxygen watch can reflect arterial blood oxygen detection, can keep track of the body’s blood oxygen saturation, and is more conducive to tracking health. This function can also be combined with the health management software “H Band” under Veepoo Technology to realize sports and health data tracking, call information reminders and many other functions.

According to the introduction of the staff of Veepoo, it can be understood that the smartwatch is equipped with such a blood oxygen monitoring module, which can be based on the difference in the absorption rate of red light and infrared light by hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in the blood. The sensor irradiates the monitor’s skin with red light and infrared light, and then obtains the red light and infrared light reflected by the blood vessels under the skin. Finally, through the combination of the monitored data and the algorithm system in the smart module, the current monitor can be accurately calculated of a blood oxygen saturation. Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. takes the information of people and the human body and the interconnection of everything to maintain individual health as the research and development direction, takes accurate human information monitoring as the basic element of technological development, insists on independent innovation, and focuses on the research and application of health monitoring. With development and technology precipitation, it has obtained more than 31 intellectual property rights such as health monitoring and product inventions. Veepoo Technology has become a leading domestic high-accuracy health monitoring algorithm and research smart wearable solution provider.

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