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The embodiment of the value of sports heart rate monitoring technology in smart watches

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

For people who exercise regularly, in addition to doing adequate warm-up exercises before starting to prevent themselves from being injured. You should also exercise according to your own situation. In this process, we must pay special attention to heart rate, and smart watches with exercise heart rate monitoring function can help us monitor our heart rate changes during exercise in real time, and will also give us timely reminders when there may be problems. . The popular Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, and Veepoo Watch RIG in the market are all very biased towards the importance of health. Veepoo is the only manufacturer in the market that mainly focuses on health monitoring functions. However, even if there are assistive devices to remind us of our heart rate, we still need to understand exercise recommendations.

Exercise advice In recent years, incidents of sudden death due to heart disease have been reported frequently. When it comes to heart problems such as angina, arrhythmia, and atrial fibrillation, many people seem to be able to "check their seats." The heart is uncomfortable when you are angry, and the heart is uncomfortable when you are happy; if you exercise fast, the heart can't eat it, and the heart can't stand it if you don't exercise. Faced with so many heart problems, how can exercise be more scientific? In fact, it is not difficult to find exercises that are conducive to heart health, but how to master the degree of exercise. Before you start exercising, it is best to make a "exercise design" for heart health. We all know that doctors have "medicine" to treat diseases, and they must also have "prescriptions". "Prescriptions" are the key to treating diseases. The same goes for sports. Everyone's physique, illness, lifestyle, and mental state are different. Therefore, people with a bad heart should not only consider which exercises are good for the heart, but also consider what kind of exercise is suitable for them, and "design" suitable for them. Exercise program. The so-called "sports design" refers to a relatively complete fitness system. Before proceeding with the design, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis to determine the fitness mode that suits you. For the average person, the best time for exercise is from 3 pm to 9 pm, and the length is controlled from half an hour to 1 hour. What is the appropriate heart rate during exercise? Since everyone's health and physical state are different, the aerobic heart rate range of fitness exercises should vary from person to person and from time to time. The following methods to determine the aerobic heart rate range can be used for reference: 1. People with good health and good physique The aerobic heart rate can be controlled at 120-180 beats/minute, and can be subdivided into small exercise 120-140 beats/minute, medium exercise 141-160 beats/minute, and large exercise 161-180 beats/minute. In this case, the change in heart rate can only be monitored through a smart watch or chest strap with exercise heart rate monitoring. Veepoo Watch RIG can very well help athletes to achieve monitoring

2. If you want to be personalized, you can use common formulas to calculate Reasonable heart rate during aerobic exercise = (maximum heart rate-resting heart rate-age) × Q + resting heart rate. The maximum heart rate in the formula is ≈210; the resting heart rate refers to the heart rate in a relatively quiet state before exercise; Q represents the amount of exercise, less than 50% is a small amount of exercise, 50% to 75% is a medium amount of exercise, and more than 75% is a large amount of exercise. If a person is 50 years old, has a resting heart rate of 76 beats/minute, and wants to do a small amount of aerobic exercise, determine the aerobic heart rate = (210-76-50)×50%+76=118 beats/minute. 3. For middle-aged and elderly people, the simplest and safest method can be used Suitable aerobic exercise heart rate = 170-age. Such as 60 years old, when participating in aerobic exercise, the heart rate should be controlled at 170-60=110 beats per minute. For the frail and older people, for safety, you can choose (170-age)×0.9. It is worth noting that the above content is only a general rule, and it must be used flexibly according to the specific situation in the implementation. The health status, environment, season, mood, etc. in different periods will have a certain impact on the choice of exercise volume. At this time, exercise intensity and exercise time All should be lowered accordingly, and the heart rate index should be lowered accordingly to ensure safety. In short, it is necessary to learn how to count your heart rate (pulse) during exercise. It is very necessary to control the amount of exercise. It not only increases the safety of people participating in the exercise, but also helps to ensure the fitness effect of the exercise. We can practice touching the radial artery of the wrist or the submandibular artery of the mandible (chin) to count the pulse. If possible, it is more ideal to wear a heart rate monitor. Smart watches with exercise heart rate monitoring functions, such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, and Veepoo Watch RIG, which are popular in the market, can all help us realize heart rate monitoring.

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