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The most commonly used motion tracking technology-step counting algorithm

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

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Many fitness enthusiasts will say that measuring steps is of great significance

1. Know your daily exercise steps and calories burned. Many people who love sports do not understand the amount of exercise and calories burned in a day. Counting steps, it can display the number of steps you take and calories burned every day, making exercise more intuitive.

2. Stimulate the motivation and enthusiasm of people participating in the exercise. A scientific study has shown that if people use the pedometer function during exercise, it will prompt us to take more than 2,000 more steps a day. At the same time, it will cause our blood pressure to drop more and weight loss accordingly.

3. Conducive to regulating exercise plans. Although exercise is good for your health, the amount of exercise that suits you is the best exercise state. Therefore, step counting can effectively monitor the number of steps you walk every day, which is conducive to regulating your exercise plan.



VeePoo Algorithm technology is better and more meaningful

Compared with most people, fast walking and running is the common way of exercise and health.

From the energy consumption point of view, walking belongs to low-intensity exercise, which is not fast and easy. The heat consumption is relatively low, and the exercise consumption per hour is about 120 kcal. However, this kind of exercise can be carried out anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t need professional equipment or professional training. Anyone can start sports in his own way.

Test found:The bracelet of the VeePoo step counting algorithm|watch, the arm is equipped with professional step counting equipment. Sleep at night, wash, take a car (bus, bus, subway, bicycle), cook, walk, and run. The overall pass rate is more than 95%, among which, in the bus test scenario, the Weiyipu data performs better。


Introduction to pedometer technology

The hardware refers to the built-in three-axis acceleration sensor in the bracelet. In fact, the three-axis acceleration sensor is not mysterious. Most mid-to-high-end mobile phones are equipped with acceleration sensors, but the detection accuracy does not reach the level of the bracelet.

The three-axis of the three-axis acceleration sensor refers to the three dimensions of X, Y, and Z in space. With these three dimensions, the bracelet can capture the acceleration change of the bracelet in use, thereby generating data.

According to the three-dimensional data captured by the three-axis acceleration in real time, the software algorithm program uses various algorithms and scientific and rigorous logical operations through filtering, peak and valley detection and other processes, and finally turns these data into the watch APP side readable Numbers, steps, distance, calories burned, etc. are presented to the end user.

The step counting of Veepoo is divided into daily step counting (automatically counting steps from 00:00 on the day of walking or running data) and individual data records of each sport mode.


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