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The policies of the national smartwatch solution providers are different

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Each country has different policies for smart bracelet solution providers. China’s smart bracelet algorithm service cycle is generally one year, and for many foreign countries, the smart watch algorithm service life is reduced to half a year. Therefore, if you want to choose a smart bracelet algorithm service with good quality and excellent service, you must first understand the relevant rules of the smart bracelet algorithm service. This is a necessary basic condition. Second, in China, smart bracelet algorithm services generally involve companies signing service contracts with each other and prepaying part of the service fee, and then paying the unpaid payment after completing the service. In some other countries, the use of related smart bracelet algorithms and services requires a monthly service fee.

In fact, for the current smart bracelet products, the most important thing is the algorithm of the bracelet application. If the algorithm is accurate enough, the smart bracelet products produced can gain a large number of customers. The choice of service providers for wearable devices such as smart bracelets can be considered based on accuracy. The accuracy of the data monitoring of the plan. The main value of the sports and health monitoring smart bracelet is accurate data. It collects data on various human activities and indicators and calculates the accurate value of each data. The accurate value is used to interpret and interpret Current comprehensive state of the human body. Formulate relevant guidance and optimization plans based on accurate values, and use accurate values to verify the implementation results of optimization measures. Therefore, a smart bracelet with high accuracy is valuable, otherwise it is just an electronic ornament. Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the top smart wearable solutions provider in China.

Take exercise heart rate as an example. Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. has a highly accurate exercise heart rate monitoring technology that can accurately obtain the wearer’s real-time heart rate during exercise. As we all know, the heart rate of a normal person is generally between 70 and 90 per minute, and the state of exercise will cause the heart rate to change, and the heart rate interval also has a guiding significance for exercise. The professional field is expressed by the effective heart rate value (MHR). It is necessary to observe the changes in heart rate at any time during exercise. Excessive heart rate can cause excessive fatigue or overtraining, and even sudden death. On the other hand, if the heart rate cannot stabilize in a certain range, the training effect cannot be achieved. In response to the above problems, the exercise heart rate monitoring algorithm of Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. can accurately track the heart rate at rest or under exercise, and can also achieve 25-hour continuous and high-precision heart rate monitoring. Combining a variety of sports scenes, the final exercise and heart rate data of each sports scene, and can provide early warnings such as exercise and force impulse. The smart bracelet of Veepoo Technology’s solution has won unanimous praise from many brands and terminal retailers for its data accuracy and quality stability, and has become a high-quality service provider in the field of domestic smart bracelets.

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