Wrist Pulse Oximeter solution--S series

Wrist-based embedded Oximeter -SpO2, Heart rate, HRV,Reminder,etc.

This product solution is based on wrist pulse oximetry and pulse rate detection methods. The technology was certified as a Class II medical device in China in 2019. This solution named “S Series”. The basic configuration has a high-precision resting heart rate, real-time blood oxygen monitoring, sleep, and step tracking. The advanced configuration is equipped with continuous blood oxygen tracking, respiration rate, and heart health functions. This product solution can be crowded with smart watches, a higher-definition display, a more colorful visual experience, a smoother touch experience, and a cheap price.

The main function

Advantages of this product solution

Oxygen saturation monitoring

Reflex arterial blood oxygen detection
Monitor blood oxygen anytime, anywhere
China Medical Grade Technology Certification

Heart rate tracking

Accurate resting heart rate data
Support 7 * 24 hours continuous tracking
Alert based on the set heart rate interval

Heart rate variability

Automatically monitor and record at night
Track and analyze heart rate variability (HRV) parameters
Monitoring data can be compared and analyzed by Lorenz scatter plot

Science sleep

Accurate monitoring of synthetic sleep data
Accurate data to restore the whole sleep process
The minimum sleep time can be monitored and analyzed in 10 minutes

Sleep apnea syndrome-SAS

Monitoring cardiac load and apnea data during sleep
Track blood oxygen saturation during sleep
And Active intervention when hypoxia occurs

Activity tracking

Support large screen version configuration only
Walking | running | cycling | boating and other 14 modes
Real time heart rate, Distance, Calories, Sport time

Excellent Experience

Support up to 360 * 360 resolution
Smoother and more convenient operation experience
More high definition and more gorgeous display effect

Message reminding

SMS calls and application message alerts
Support mainstream application program and details push
WeChat whatsApp QQ Facebook Twitter Line, etc.

Flexible configuration

The solution can be flexibly configured for immediate or continuous blood oxygen monitoring, physiological cycle, etc.,Customize as you wish!

S series solution

Focus on blood oxygen saturation and respiratory health

Our reflex blood oxygen monitoring end products have passed the first China medical authentication, in 2019. By detecting the arterial oxygen saturation can directly reflect the quality of respiratory circulation, estimate cardiopulmonary oxygenation and hemoglobin oxygen carrying capacity, Care  the metabolic。The solution can design the health tracking function, frequency and time period, watch screen size and resolution according to the customer’s wishes. Contact us to learn more.

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