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Application of outdoor sports health monitoring technology in smart watches

Outdoor sports is a kind of exercise in which participants can exercise their body and mind through their own efforts, and at the same time make themselves closer to and feel the nature. It is also suitable for people's leisure activities during holidays. They can exercise their bodies, hone their will, and make friends. Outdoor sports is a group of sports events with adventure or experience adventure held in a natural environment. These include mountaineering, rock climbing, cliff descent, kayaking, diving, sailing, orienteering, etc. Most of the outdoor sports are expeditionary, which are extreme and sub-extreme sports, which are very challenging and exciting. Embrace nature and challenge yourself.

When doing outdoor sports, you must pay attention to safety. Usually, the chance of accidents during outdoor activities is greater than that of indoors. Therefore, when engaging in outdoor sports, you must make preparations in advance, taking into account safety and health. Outdoor sports are more suitable for athletes who have a certain sports foundation. People who engage in outdoor sports are more cautious about their accompanying equipment. In recent years, with the popularity of smart watches, smart watches have become one of the must-have items for outdoor athletes. Starting from Xiaomi, we talked about the application of exercise step count recording in smart watches/bands. A large number of smart watch manufacturers have begun to get involved in the development of smart watches. Whether it is traditional old brands such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, or small manufacturers such as Garmin, Fitbit, and Veepoo, they have developed smart watches with their own characteristics. And they are all focused on the functions of health monitoring, such as ECG, blood oxygen, blood sugar, sleep apnea, HRV and other functions are applied to the smart watch, reflecting its health functions from all aspects. Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, etc. have integrated these functions into their smart watches. These smart watches can basically monitor health from beginning to end. Especially Veepoo watch RIG.

Outdoor sports is a group of collective events held on a natural site. Including mountain climbing: a type of sports. Athletes climb peaks or ridges of various terrains with bare hands or with special equipment. Traversing: Mainly rely on walking to complete the traversing mileage from the starting point to the ending point. In the middle, it may be an outdoor activity that spans mountains, jungles, deserts, snowfields, streams, canyons and other landforms. Hiking: also known as "HIKING", is the basic composition of outdoor sports. It can be simply understood as a long-distance walk.

Outdoor first aid means that when you encounter an accident outdoors, you should be calm and bold, be careful and responsible, distinguish the priorities, and implement first aid methods decisively; first treat critically ill patients, then treat patients with lesser illnesses, in the same patient, first save lives, then handle Partially; observe the on-site environment to ensure the safety of yourself and the injured; make full use of the manpower and material resources available on-site to assist first aid.

In outdoor sports, it is normal for some bumps to occur. But most of the outdoor sports are high-intensity sports. Such as mountaineering, rock climbing, cliff descent, kayaking, diving, sailing, orienteering. Many athletes are now very concerned about their heart rate changes and breathing rate during exercise. Good heart rate illusion and breathing rate can keep athletes in a good competitive state. Under such circumstances, athletes will equip themselves with a smart watch to keep monitoring their breathing rate, heart rate changes and heart state at all times. Heart monitoring includes various aspects such as ECG and HRV. The smart watches of Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, and Veepoo Watch RIG, which are relatively hot in the market, can meet the needs of athletes very well.


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