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 Innovative technology creates value

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Focus on Providing Activities, Health, Medical Wearable Core Solutions Service


Product customization service

R&D and manufacturing of high quality health wearable products.

​Smartwatch&Innovative health products

Based on our advanced monitoring technology

4 steps to provide you with perfect products and services

Product definition

According to your needs, we will design a satisfactory product for you.

Including [product function design and definition] + [product appearance and process manufacturing design]

R & D

Project-based management, custom-developed software and algorithms according to product requirements.


Simultaneously start the industrial manufacturing of products

Manufacturing debugging

Software system, algorithm system and hardware system integrated packaging test,


Product industrial production and commissioning

Sample confirmed

Production and delivery

Mass production of products


Deliver qualified products


Support multiple settlement modes


Technology R&D Service

Based on Veppoo's wearable health monitoring technology,Data application R&D services

Authorization of algorithm technology

In the form of  Encrypt Bluetooth chips and technical services to provide algorithms technical authorization.


Health Monitoring Technology

We have successfully mastered Technical description of activity, health, and medical monitoring.
Low-power main control system,High-precision monitoring data


Fingertip blood oxygen monitoring technology, pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, perfusion index; Bluetooth interconnection、APP

Oxygen saturation

Reflex arterial blood oxygen detection
Monitor blood oxygen anytime, anywhere
China Medical Grade Technology Certification

Pulse rate

Accurate resting pulse rate
Real time pulse rate monitoring
Alarm based on setting data
Not just resting, even the state of exercise can be accurately tracked

Heart rate variability

​Automatically monitor and record at night
Track and analyze  parameters
Monitoring data can be compared and analyzed by Lorenz scatter plot

Activity tracking

Support large screen version configuration only
Walking | running | cycling | boating and other 10 modes
Distance, Calories, Sport time

Science sleep

Accurate monitoring of synthetic sleep data
Accurate data to restore the whole sleep process
The minimum sleep time can be monitored and analyzed in 10 minutes


Wearable 1-lead EKG\ECG recording
Effectively identify 13 abnormal signals
Medical grade accuracy

Respiration rate

Breath rate tracking and breathing training. Early warning of respiratory system abnormalities。
improvement of respiratory system health

Physiological cycle

Tracking physiological cycle on the wrist
Period, Pregnancy preparation, Pregnancy, Lactating
fill in personal information and physiological status truthfully

Music player

Built-in speakers and memory cards.
It can Play music by itself .
support output & also output audio to the Bluetooth headset or others Bluetooth music player

Answering and calling

Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth
You can complete the phone call and dial directly on the watch.
At the same time, the watch can also store call records and contacts

Message reminding

SMS calls and application message alerts
Support mainstream application program and details push
WeChat whatsApp QQ Facebook Twitter Line, etc.

Sleep apnea

Monitoring cardiac load and apnea data during sleep
It's not used to diagnose or assist in the diagnosis of respiratory disorders

Blood pressure monitoring

Combining PPG signal and oscillometric method to accurately track blood pressure data
Accurate data, good user experience

Drinking monitoring

Track the body's alcohol tolerance and always pay attention to drinking health.

More applications

Support customized research and development of special interconnection communication such as Bluetooth, IOT, 4G, LORA, etc.

Case recommendation

For the following products or items, you can consult with the commercial distributer quotation directly

Why Choose Us

Work with us to make people healthier. Yes We Can!


R & D capabilities

More than 6 years of smart watch\smart bracelet one-stop research and development experience
From product design to mass production delivery


We have a strong and high-quality industrial supply chain system, rigorous and perfect R & D and quality management system.
ISO 13485 | ISO 9001

Technical advantages

Abundant health monitoring technology and patent reserve
Complete software and algorithm system

Experience and delivery

Consider more for customers, and deliver perfect products and services with high-quality service experience.



Business consulting

Our Consultant Department

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