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FIFA World Cup: What chemical reaction can be produced between Smartwatch and sports?

The quadrennial World Cup kicked off in Qatar, and yesterday Brazil and Portugal had a group match full of enthusiasm. As all friends who like football know, the World Cup has a long history, demonstrating the spirit of life and sports. Today, with the opening of the World Cup, we will talk about the movement mode and principle of smart watches. What kind of sparks can be drawn between sports and smart watches?

Workout mode of smart watch

The movement mode of the smart watch is a function specially developed for user enthusiasts. By selecting a special movement mode, users can record data about their movement, including time, calorie consumption and status. And running, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. are common sports modes in smart watches, while more professional sports level smart watches cover dozens of sports modes, and can automatically identify users' sports types and provide guidance and training advice.

How does the workouts work?

In smart watches, the motion mode is also based on the capture of human body information by sensors and the basic data algorithm to realize the monitoring of various motion modes. The core is to effectively identify human motion by processing the captured data. Through acceleration sensors, heart rate sensors, gyroscopes, gravity sensors, etc., as well as motion database and algorithm technology, smart watches can identify the type of motion and calorie consumption, and make reasonable evaluation and suggestions for users' motion through the health monitoring function.

Application of smart watch movement mode

Let's take veekoon's VKF22R as an example. This watch supports routine health monitoring, such as heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, and more than 50 exercise modes. It can record the data of each exercise, helping users better record and regulate exercise. Since it is the World Cup, let's take football as an example. Weiyikang VKF22R supports the football sports mode. Click to enter the football mode, users can record their football playing time, calories consumed and heart rate in real time. If the heart rate is too high during football playing, the watch will also give a heart rate alert to help users adjust the intensity and duration of sports.

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