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Health Monitoring :Smartwatch RIG, share you a smart & health lifestytle.

Smartwatches are becoming extremely popular among individuals worldwide. As among other cool features, They can provide valuable insights into your health and help you stay active. However, nowadays purchasing a decent smartwatch on a budget may require you to sacrifice performance or features or you need to pay the bills for the big brand to get a good quality and performance smartwatch.

So today I will bring you a new product: Smartwatch RIG, a budget- oriented smartwatch that is packed with GR5515 MCU, MAX86176 innovative sensors and full-touch screen that make you achieve optimum health, futhermore, RIG also supports FDA, a medical-grade certificant.

Not like the big-brand products, watch RIG has a rationable priced. This watch features a 1.69 inch ,high resolution color display that shows all of your health data and provide other suggestions at a glance. 6 health monitoring mode let ou enjoy health monitoring on RIG: ECG test, HR monitoring, HRV analisis, SPO2 monitoring, whole-time sleep tracking ,as well as sleep apnea monitoring.

-The highlight of this watch is supporting ECG with 512 HZ sample rate, PPG tech and patented algorithm. By that, you can test ECG on your wrist or on app in any time. You can sent your ECG report to family or you professional doctor for daily advice. If you have abnormal body data, RIG can make alert for reminding.

-RIG's SPO2 monitoring with the PPG technology monitoring sensor to detect your oxygen saturation in your bloodstream accurately. You can catch your SPO2 data in real time and also will make alert when your SPO2 is abnormal. Alongside the sleep tracking in whole period, RIG also can recognise whether your breath is under the normal range otherwisse, it will make alert to wake you up from sleep.

-You also can't miss RIG's HR monitoring, supporting exercise and resting heart rate, easily get various heart rate distribution feedback maps, which helps you adjust exercise intensity and time, and make your exercise more scientific.

-Additionally, you will be able to have better workout sessions as it let you pick between 10 fitness modes so that you can choose the health activity you want to indulge in. Meanwhile, you can personalized your watch by selecting photographs from your smartphone and also locate your phone when it linked and in range of the watches blue-teeth connection.

-With the new-version Bluetooth 5.1, RIG supports information synchronization reminders, so that you can not miss important info just by gently lifting your wrist during sports or busy work. Of course, Alarm clock, long sitting reminder, female period reminder, remote photo control, timer and other essential functions , RIG can also meet your daily needs.

-This watch also has a IP68 waterproof rate and its 320 mah battery, that can last up to 25 days on a single charge. So you can take RIG on adventures big or small without having the concern of its being damage or running out of battery power while on the move.

-Matching up the independent develop app(veepoo health), RIG can connect easily and stablely. You can store your health info on the app and continuously tracking your body condition everyday. So start tracking your health and fitness activities while wearing a comfortable and fashionable RIG, a smart watcha smart watch meant to function harmony with your life.

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