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Health Wear: Can Smartwatch measure the BP?

Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and many people have entered an obvious sub-health state. Have you paid attention to your blood pressure? According to the survey of WHO in 2021, the number of hypertensive adults aged 30-79 has increased from 650 million to 1.28 billion in the past 30 years. Nearly half of them do not know that they have high blood pressure, and healthy blood pressure should be paid attention to. Now that health monitoring has become increasingly popular, many people wonder whether smart watches can measure blood pressure? How it works?Let's discuss it today.

There are two kinds of routine blood pressure measurement methods on the market at present.

  • 1. Direct measurement method: the long catheter dissolved with anticoagulant is delivered to the aorta through percutaneous puncture, and the catheter is connected with the pressure sensor to directly display blood pressure, which is an invasive method. It is only applicable to some special situations, otherwise you will be injured every time you take your blood pressure, and the cost is too high.

  • 2. Non invasive measurement: When measuring blood pressure, attach a balloon to the great artery on our arm. At the beginning of blood pressure measurement, the air bag will gradually inflate until it flattens our arteries. At this time, our blood is basically stagnant. By inflating and deflating, we can check our arterial blood flow and catch our vasoconstrictive pressure at one time. At present, this method is mostly used in the market.

How Smartwatch Measure the BP?

With the application of sensing and algorithm technology, many non-invasive monitoring such as heart rate and blood oxygen can be realized, and blood pressure monitoring has gradually developed and become one of the future development directions of smart wear.

At present, the blood pressure of the bracelet is basically measured by PPG sensor or the advanced bracelet / watch is in the form of PPG+ECG, combined with algorithm technology to evaluate the blood pressure. Using the PPG photoelectric volume pulse wave recording method, the watch LED light shoots to the skin (usually blood oxygen is measured with red / infrared light, heart rate is measured with green light). Through the similarities and differences of blood, muscle and bone reflection, the light reflected through the skin tissue is received by the photosensitive sensor and converted into an electrical signal and then converted into a blood pressure value by an algorithm, which is simply understood as: light-> electricity-> algorithm-> digital signal. The more advanced watches are combined with ECG ECG monitoring to estimate blood pressure, which is more accurate than a single PPG.

Sphygmomanometer monitoring method.

Blood pressure instruments on the market use the oscillographic principle: the cuff is pressurized to block the blood flow of the brachial artery, and then through slow decompression, the sound and pressure pulses from the artery are captured, which is the same as the cuff compression method above. This method is usually used on special blood pressure monitors.

Of course, intelligent monitoring is mostly based on sensors, optical principles and algorithmic technologies, and so is the blood pressure monitoring function of smartwatches. Most of this kind of monitoring is to give the wearer a reference value, as a way to assist health management, rather than professional medical diagnosis, any monitoring equipment can only be used as reference data, any abnormal must consult the doctor! Do not treat yourself randomly.

Is the smartwatch blood pressure monitoring is meaningful? Yes, although it is not 100% accurate, it can monitor the blood pressure of users around the clock, and then form evaluation reports and recommendations to achieve a certain degree of prevention and adjustment, which is of great significance to the health management of normal people. after all, as mentioned at the beginning, more than half of the people do not know that they have blood pressure problems. And it is worth noting that the selection of health monitoring smartwatches must choose brands with technology and strength, such as Huawei, Jiaming, Huami and veepoo smartwatches are good choices. With a little technology and hard work, today's healthy wear is developing rapidly.More thing we can expect that in the near future, the blood pressure monitoring function of smartwatch will be more accurate and health monitoring technology will be more powerful.

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