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How can Veepoo smartwatch or wristband prevent sleep apnea syndrome?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Smartwatch and sleep tracking.
Smartwatch and sleep tracking.

What is sleep apnea syndrome?

Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) is a sleep disorder in which breathing stops during sleep, but it can be helped by one of Veepoo's smartwatchs or smart wearable's constant sleep monitoring function. The most common cause is obstruction of the upper airway,which often ends with loud snoring, body twitching, or arms shaking. Sleep apnea is accompanied by sleep defects, daytime naps, fatigue, and bradycardia or arrhythmia, and EEG awakening.

Sleep-apnea syndrome high-risk group profile consists of obesity, narrow respiratory tract structure, old muscle relaxation, tonsil hyperplasia, short jaw, or long-term smoking that causes airway edema. It is more common in 40-60 years old, and it is more common in men who are overweight in middle-aged and elderly people. The clinical features are composed of loud snoring, short breaths, and alternate apneas lasting more than 10 seconds. Apneas show that the airflow of the mouth and nose is stopped, but chest-abdominal breathing still exists.

The occurrence of more than 30 apneas during continuous 7 hours of sleep, each time the airflow is stopped for more than 10s (including 10s), or the average number of hypoventilation per hour (breathing disorder index) exceeds 5 times, which causes chronic hypoxia Clinical syndrome of hypercapnia. It can be divided into central type, obstructive type and mixed type.

Veepoo Smartwatch or Smart wearable's sleep tracking function.

Introducing Veepoo's Smartwatch or Smart wearable's constant sleep monitoring function: Combining human body signals, followed by the medical research in the field of sleep, continuously collecting human body’s PPG signal\respiratory quality\body movements and other information utilizing's sensors located at the back of the smartwatch or wearable for the algorithm to analyze the user’s body.

Record movement information and synchronized physiological information, based on the comparative test of a large amount of data, achieve higher accuracy in identifying the sleep state. Its accuracy can reach the unit of the minute.

Saving the user’s entire sleep cycle Including information such as time of falling asleep, light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement and waking up time, etc. on the smartwatch or phone app. It provides detailed sleep data to help users improve their sleep, and it can be forwarded to a doctor to help with their judgment. Quality regulated sleep replenishes the body’s energy, enhances one’s resistance, and promotes normal growth and development of the body, so that the body can get adequate rest, etc. Sleep is extremely important for protecting people's mental health and maintaining people's normal mental activities, get your smartwatch or wrist band today!

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