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How does a smart watch monitor heart rate changes?

Smooth breathing is the key to increase cardiopulmonary function. When running fast, because you have to sprint hard, breathing is unstable and not smooth. Although the heartbeat increases, the oxygen in the blood does not increase, which is a loss to the heart; at the same time, it consumes during the sprint. Energy is carbohydrates in the body, fat will continue to accumulate instead, jogging is just the opposite. We should adjust the running speed according to the actual situation. When conditions permit, you can use a smart watch to adjust the pace during running.

But at what speed do you run, which counts as jogging, running fast, or even just walking? It can be calculated by the range of heart rate required during exercise. If you have a sports bracelet or smart watch, you can detect your body’s "maximum heart rate", which is the heart rate value after a full sprint, and then multiply by 0.8 and 0.6 , Respectively are the best heart rate range during exercise. If you don't have a sports bracelet or smart watch, you can simply use "220-age" as the maximum heart rate, but the value will not be too accurate. Smart watches can measure the wearer's heart rate more accurately. Such as Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, Samsung Galaxy watch, Veepoo watch RIG, Fitbit, Garmin. Smart watches such as Xiaomi can monitor heart rate. Moreover, these smart watches can monitor the heart rate regardless of whether it is a static heart rate or a dynamic heart rate. At the same time, the data monitored by the smart watch can be used as medical data when necessary and provided to the doctor for reference.

Maximum heart rate: (220-age or maximum heart rate)*0.8/min Minimum heart rate: (220-age or maximum heart rate)*0.6/min If "220-age" is regarded as the maximum heart rate, such as a 20-year-old For people, the maximum heart rate during exercise should not exceed 160, so as not to cause too much burden on the heart, but the minimum heart rate should not be less than 120, to have the effect of exercising to the cardiopulmonary function; but because of the maximum heart rate of each person There is a lot of difference, so if you feel chest tightness or chest pain during exercise, don't force it, stop and rest as soon as possible. Because of the most common heart diseases such as myocardial hypoxia and myocardial infarction, chest tightness and chest pain are often felt when walking, climbing ladders or exercising. So once these symptoms occur, it is best to stop immediately. If there is no improvement after resting for 5 minutes, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible. See a doctor in an emergency department. One advantage of smart watches is that when the wearer has a fast heart rate, the smart watch will actively remind the wearer that the heart rate is too high or chest tightness. At this point, the Veepoo watch RIG smart watch is quite accurate. The Veepoo watch RIG smart watch is equipped with ECG and HRV technology, which can accurately detect heart problems.

In addition, after the body exercises, it takes about 30 minutes to burn fat and train the cardiorespiratory function. Therefore, jogging has to run for at least 30 minutes before it starts to be effective; you can follow the weekly exercise recommendations of the National Health Administration. Exercise for 5 days, at least 30 minutes each time, at least to achieve the minimum heart rate required during exercise, is the real way to exercise cardiopulmonary function.

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