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HR or HRV? How to choose the right Smart Watch?

From smart bracelets to smart watches, wearable products can be seen everywhere around us. And wedizzing about facing all kinds of smart watches of various types and prices in the market. "How should I choose?" Today, we will start with heart rate (HR)and heart variability(HRV), and talk about how we should choose the right watch from this dimension.

What is HR and HRV monitoring?

In previous articles, we have said what is heart rate (HR) and what is heart rate variability (HRV)? Heart rate variability (HRV) refers to the change of the difference between successive heartbeat cycles. It can be used to know the status of our cardio cerebrovascular system. And it is a valuable indicator to predict sudden cardiac death and arrhythmic events.

Why care for accurate HR monitoring?

In addition to the price and safety, most of us cares about the accuracy of monitoring when we choose to buy Smart watch. And measurement accuracy is indeed a standard to measure the quality of smart watches. On smart wearable products, we generally use only two aspects for HR measurement:

  • sports heart rate monitoring

  • health heart rate monitoring and analysis.

Sports heart rate monitoring

Young people generally tend to monitor exercise heart rate for recording their heart rate value during exercise. If they are only used for exercise, there can not put a high demand of accurate HR monitoring . However, if you want to help you achieve a better exercise effect, you need to choose the smart watch which has more accurate data.

This is because:

When the heart rate is below 120 beats / min, the exercise state of the human body will not change significantly, and the exercise effect may not be obvious.

When the heart rate is 120-140 beats / min, the oxygen uptake is the maximum, and when the heart rate is maintained at 130 beats / min, the weight loss effect of exercise is the best.

For sports heart rate monitoring, qualified smart bracelets on the market can actually meet this demand.

Health heart rate monitoring and analysis.

In terms of healthy heart rate analysis, it is generally concerned by people over the age of 35, which is used to monitor their heart condition, but with the heart disease getting younger year by year, many young people have joined the ranks of paying attention to heart health.

If you are more concerned about your health, when choosing a smartwatch, you need to pay attention to the accuracy of hand heart rate measurement, and have high-order data analysis functions such as heart rate variability analysis and atrial fibrillation.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world, and more people die from it every year than from any other cause of death. According to the WHO World Health Statistics report 2021, an estimated 17.9 million people died of cardiovascular disease in 2019, accounting for 32% of the total global deaths, 85% of them from heart attacks and strokes. Timely intervention in heart disease can greatly reduce the risk of death from heart attack.

However, heart disease is a chronic disease, it is generally difficult to feel through self-feeling in the early stage, once the patient feels heart discomfort, the situation is more serious. In addition, heart disease is sporadic and latent, and sometimes patients may go to the hospital to check their hearts obediently and the results show that they are normal, so daily heart rate monitoring and HRV analysis are necessary.

For watches with HRV analysis type, the requirements for algorithmic technology, sensors, receivers and even APP connections are very high, so for users with health needs and accuracy requirements, do not covet small bargains, after all, health is no small matter, buy professional brands.

Veepoo Health Smart Watch

Since its establishment in 2012, Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of health monitoring technologies such as human activity, physiological function and medical assistance, and has provided activity tracking and health monitoring services to more than 40 million users worldwide. Its intelligent terminal products support more than 600000 daily active users of APP-HBand.

Before we worked silently as a technical solution provider, now in order to better provide users with healthy wear services, determined to be an enterprise to maintain the health of hundreds of millions of people, we have begun to establish our own brand. Its product Watch RIG is a smartwatch focused on serving health. In addition to the functions of conventional watches, Watch also has heart rate and heart rate variability analysis. Generally, the monitoring frequency of products on the market is usually once every 5 minutes, while RIG provides users with accurate detection frequency per minute, so that your health data can be more accurate. In addition to this, it also has heart rate variability analysis reports. Give timely health advice or medical advice to provide users with more reliable health care.

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