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Intelligent health management for the elderly is recognized by the society

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Speaking of smart watches, many people will think of those smart watch products that are currently launched by smart watches that calculate the number of steps and consume calories that are matched with sports. For such smart products, most of them are the preferences of young consumers who love sports. For some smart watch product solutions proposed by some smart watch solution providers, they are mainly aimed at the daily health information management and health monitoring of the elderly. More functions are designed, and even in some urgent situations, they can be targeted To make a quick response to the health problems of the elderly, it can be said that such smart watch products provide a good guarantee for the life and health of the elderly.

Smart watches are based on traditional watches, adding smart functions and ensuring that smart watches, in addition to being only time functions, also have several functions such as health reminders, route navigation, health data monitoring, and smart interaction. It can be seen that compared with traditional watches, smart watch solution providers have added a lot of practical and trendy application technology to smart watches. The watch is not an ordinary watch, but a smart wearable product. Especially the health monitoring functions designed for the elderly are also slightly different. In addition to very accurate GPS positioning, as well as key heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminders, etc., a series of related functions that can prompt the elderly’s health management can be said to be effective. It provides an effective guarantee for the health of the elderly.

Sleep problems are also a major concern for the elderly. But Shenzhen Veepoo Technology has solved this problem for the elderly. The smart watch solution of Veepoo Technology has the industry’s leading scientific sleep monitoring technology. Through real-time monitoring of human pulse wave signals, parameters related to sleep are obtained to judge the sleep process. The scientific sleep algorithm of the smart watch of Veepoo Technology can continuously obtain the pulse wave signal of the human body every second, and continuously calculate the changes of human physiological parameters. Through the analysis of the signal parameters related to sleep, it is determined to fall asleep, turn over, and wake up at night, Rapid eye movement, light sleep, deep sleep and other sleep states specific time. At the same time, it monitors the changes of human physiological parameters during sleep, and accurately judges the abnormal changes of premature beats and HRV during sleep. Based on the above algorithms and functions, the smart watch can accurately judge falling asleep, turning over, waking up at night, rapid eye movement, light sleep, deep sleep time, and monitoring the changes in the body state during sleep. The smart watch solution of Veepoo Technology can also According to the test results, an accurate health guidance program is provided to solve problems such as difficulty falling asleep, getting up at night, sleep irritability, etc., which can fully meet the various needs of sleep monitoring.

The smart watch concept proposed by such a smart watch solution provider has also been recognized by many elderly health organizations. For now, this smart watch design is very fashionable. It can be said that it has achieved a perfect combination of technology and fashion. Choose some relatively healthy production materials, through the simple design and the touch of the material, it can be It is guaranteed that the watch will be very attractive to consumers in terms of appearance. Secondly, for the need for smart watches, in addition to basic blood oxygen monitoring, some elderly health monitoring tips have also been added, such as sedentary reminders, weather reminders, smart step recording and other smart functions are experts in smart health management for the elderly.

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