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Is smart watch body temperature monitoring useful?

In the face of the severe weather that is rapidly cooling, people appear extremely weak. And compared with "death from heat", "death from cold" seems to be easier to be recruited. Why is it so deadly to encounter extreme cold weather in the wild? Because human is actually a constant temperature animal, the body temperature generally needs to be maintained at around 37°C. Once the temperature is out of balance, it will affect the normal operation of human physiological activities. In extremely cold weather, once the human body cannot supply more heat, it will cause the phenomenon of hypothermia of the human body, and in severe cases, it will be life-threatening. It is conceivable that body temperature is of great significance to the human body, so today we will talk about the temperature monitoring function of smart watches.

Smart Watch Body Temperature Monitoring

This year, Apple launched the latest S8 health wearable smart watch. In addition to anti-fall and car accident prediction and alarm, it also has a new highlight, that is, the body temperature monitoring function. The temperature monitoring of the smart watch, through the temperature sensor and temperature algorithm technology, automatically generates the temperature data of the human body, which can record the temperature of the user's wrist in real time, making its monitoring function more comprehensive.

Will body temperature monitoring useful?

Many people think that the body temperature is constant, so the temperature monitoring function is useless. However, is this really the case? In fact, the temperature detection of smart watches still makes sense. First of all, smart watches can support real-time temperature monitoring and generate historical records, which can intuitively reflect the body temperature data. More over, under the epidemic, everyone pays more attention to body temperature, which can help users realize body temperature monitoring on the wrist. Meanwhile, body temperature can reflect many problems in our body. For example, Apple’s S8 has added a temperature sensor, combined with the female menstrual cycle monitoring function, through high-frequency temperature sampling (0.5 seconds/time), making female cycle monitoring and ovulation prediction more accurate. Therefore, the body temperature monitoring function of smart watches can make our health management more perfect and more comprehensive.

How to use the body temperature monitoring feature correctly?

Take veekoon smart watch VK EP01 as an example:

  • You can set the automatic measurement mode on the APP, so that the watch will measure and save and record every half an hour. At the same time, you can also perform single-point temperature measurement through the watch to obtain the temperature data you want in real time.

  • When measuring, make sure to wear it tightly for more than 10 minutes, and measure it in a quiet state at room temperature (around 25°C). Make sure that there are no water stains, alcohol and other liquids on the wrist.

  • Please avoid measuring under direct sunlight, windy, cold/heat source environment.

  • In order to ensure accurate measurement data, please wait for 30 minutes before taking measurements when exercising, bathing, or switching between indoor and outdoor environments.

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