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The development and importance of smart products

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

With the development of the domestic Internet industry and smart device industry in recent years, the Internet industry and smart device industry are also undergoing technological integration. Recently, many smart device companies have been emphasizing the use of blood oxygen smart watch solution providers to ensure that companies can determine where their main market is currently. With the increasing number of smart watch brands using similar suppliers, the senior management of many smart watch brands that do not use the system seems to be changing their concept of the effect that this system can produce. Originally, many smart watch brands thought that the blood oxygen smart watch solution provider was just a simple algorithm supply. But in fact, the algorithm of the watch solution provider is the core key of the watch.

And this function has gradually formed an industry, a very complete industry, in this industry, these collected smart watch algorithms can help first-class companies obtain the current more reliable market algorithms, and these reliable market algorithms are It is a key factor that can help smart watch brands to formulate the next sales strategy. Therefore, more and more smart device industries are now paying more attention to this supplier. The algorithm of Shenzhen Veepoo Technology can be said to be one of the best accuracy in China.

Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. has a highly accurate exercise heart rate monitoring technology, which can accurately obtain the wearer’s real-time heart rate during exercise. As we all know, the heart rate of a normal person is generally between 70 and 90 per minute, and the state of exercise will cause the heart rate to change, and the heart rate interval also has a guiding significance for exercise. The professional field is expressed by the effective heart rate value (MHR). It is necessary to observe the changes in heart rate at any time during exercise. Excessive heart rate can cause excessive fatigue or overtraining, and even sudden death. On the other hand, if the heart rate cannot be stabilized in a certain range, the training effect cannot be achieved. In response to the above problems, the exercise heart rate monitoring algorithm of Shenzhen Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. can accurately track the heart rate at rest or under exercise, and it can also achieve 24-hour continuous and high-precision heart rate monitoring. Combining a variety of sports scenes, the final exercise and heart rate data of each sports scene, and can provide early warnings such as exercise and force impulse. Veepoo Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research of human health monitoring of wearable products. It is a leading domestic provider of high-accuracy health monitoring algorithms and research smart wearable solutions. Its technology ranking is only behind Huawei.

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