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The embodiment of hiking health function in smart watch

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Hiking is also called hiking, hiking, or hiking. It is not a walk in the usual sense, nor is it a race walking event in sports competitions, but refers to the purposeful medium and long distances in the suburbs, rural trails or mountain trails between the mountains. Walking exercise, hiking is also the most typical and most common kind of outdoor sports. Because short-distance hiking activities are relatively simple, do not need to pay too much attention to skills and equipment, it is often considered a relatively leisure activity. When walking, the physical strength is still quite large. Now, hikers generally wear a smart watch that can monitor changes in their calories and heart rate to prevent accidents when hiking. The popular Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, and Veepoo Watch RIG in the market are all very biased towards the importance of sports health.

Hiking can be divided into suburban, rural, mountain, jungle, desert wasteland, snowy glaciers, canyons, plains, mountains, Great Wall, ancient roads, grasslands, lakes, rivers, etc. according to different areas. But in most cases, walking is between the suburbs and the countryside. Walking on the outskirts of the city and in the countryside, people are in a quiet, or scent of birds and flowers. Hiking in this environment can make people feel happy. If necessary, we can check our calorie consumption and heart rate changes during the hike through the smart watch. Apple watch, HUAWEI watch, and Veepoo Watch RIG are our first choices. Because they can accurately monitor calorie consumption and heart rate changes during exercise. In addition, Veepoo Watch RIG can also remind the wearer of excessive heart rate to prevent the possibility of sudden death.

In addition, depending on the distance, usually within 15 kilometers is called short-distance hike, 15-30 kilometers is called middle-distance hike, and more than 30 kilometers is called long-distance hike.

Trekking, compared to trekking, has a shorter distance, and the path is usually trimmed specifically for hikers, or at least because there are frequent hikers passing by so as to form a clear path. So walking and navigation are easier. Hikers may arrange a one-day or multiple-day itinerary, but they usually stop at the base multiple times.

Hikers usually need to wear special trekking shoes to protect the soles of their feet when they are engaged in mid-to-long-distance trekking. Some trekking activities that emphasize physical training also require the trekker to carry a weight of 10 to 15 kilograms.

Hiking enthusiasts, like other outdoor sports enthusiasts, are also called "alice friends"

Compared with other sports, hiking is a relatively relaxing exercise. However, for some people who exercise less for a long time, walking for a longer distance at one time is likely to harm their bodies. For this kind of people, it is safer to wear a smart watch to monitor their body when they participate in hiking activities in the early days. After all, a considerable number of experienced veterans are also using smart watches for monitoring.

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