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The possibility and prospects of blockchain application in smart watches

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Blockchain is a series of text records (also known as blocks) that are connected and protected by cryptography. Each block contains the encrypted hash of the previous block, the corresponding time stamp and transaction data. The hash value calculated by the algorithm indicates that this design makes the block content difficult to tamper with. The distributed ledger connected with blockchain technology allows two parties to effectively record the transaction, and the transaction can be permanently checked. Therefore, the blockchain has been widely welcomed.

Blockchain has the following characteristics, which are especially one of the reasons why the blockchain has flourished in recent years

1. Distributed data storage and encryption cannot be tampered with From the perspective of data storage, blockchain can be summarized as two major characteristics: distributed data storage and encryption cannot be tampered with. The so-called distributed data storage means that the full node data of the blockchain is not stored by a centralized node, but is stored by countless nodes distributed around the world, and each node has a copy of the complete data of the blockchain , No one node can monopolize the right to store data. At the same time, due to the use of computer code and cryptography in the blockchain, coupled with the ingenuity and special design, minor tampering of the block can be detected, which contributes to the tamper-proof and reliable characteristics of the blockchain. 2. Consensus mechanism A distributed database is like a public ledger that everyone can view, but no one can modify past data privately, because it is impossible to modify the database scattered on other people’s machines. Due to its distributed storage characteristics, the blockchain database removes the two operations of deletion and modification, leaving only the two operations of adding and checking, which realizes the important feature of anti-tampering. For the “increase” operation of the blockchain, it is necessary to package the newly added transaction data of the whole chain within a certain period of time into a new block and add it to the existing database. So which node is selected to perform this “add” operation, and how does the new block formed after the execution obtain the trust of other nodes and add it to the database of all nodes in the entire chain. This entire process and rules are called the “consensus of the blockchain” mechanism”. 3. Smart Contract A smart contract is a piece of code written on the blockchain. Once an event triggers the terms in the contract, the code is automatically executed. Smart contracts solve the problem that social credit cannot be guaranteed. It is important for everyone in society to fully reach a consensus, and how to implement these consensuses is also very important.

Let’s think about whether the blockchain can be used on smart watches. Since Apple launched the first generation of smart watches, major manufacturers have developed their own smart watch product lines. Smart watches started as a derivative of mobile phone products, an extension of digital devices, and now they have developed into an independent finished product line. Although it will still rely on mobile phones. But the majors treat it as an independent product. Judging from the current trend, the application of smart watches will increasingly favor the health field. At the same time, we are paying more and more attention to our privacy. Especially health data. If blockchain technology is applied to smart watches, we can encrypt our health data. And this encryption is point-to-point. In other words, your data can only be viewed by yourself, or if you open it to targeted people, the other party will see your data. The traditional data storage method is to store the data in a unified central point, but the distributed storage method is adopted on the blockchain. It is jointly stored by countless nodes, and each node has a complete copy of the block chain. No node can monopolize the storage right of the data, which realizes the long-term preservation of data. We don’t need to worry about losing the data monitored by the smart watch. It can also be used as a reference for medical data. Blockchain data cannot be tampered with, which means that we can see the most primitive data on the blockchain. The health data monitored by the smart watch can be used for data tracking for the doctor to fully understand the patient’s condition. Especially when the patient forgets, the patient is unable to explain his condition, or the patient deliberately conceals his condition, the doctor can understand the patient’s condition by viewing the blockchain data and quickly diagnose the patient. At the same time, medical data will also be uploaded to the blockchain node for storage. In case you need it later.

At present, the application of blockchain is mainly concentrated in the field of digital encryption currency. But I believe that some smart watch manufacturers are gradually applying blockchain technology to smart watches. At present, Shenzhen Weiyi Po Technology Co., Ltd. is making similar attempts.

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