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The relationship between optical sensor and data accuracy

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

To know the reason why the blood oxygen smart watch can measure human blood oxygen saturation, the key core accessory is the optical sensor in the bracelet. To ensure the accuracy of the smart bracelet for measuring human blood oxygen saturation, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the optical sensor in the bracelet. Only this accuracy is critical to the accuracy of the measurement results. If the accuracy of the optical sensor cannot be guaranteed, it is likely to cause the measured blood oxygen saturation, and the result is not very accurate. In fact, for the ring measurement of human blood oxygen saturation, the challenge at the initial stage of development is very huge, because if you want to measure the human body’s blood oxygen saturation through optical sensors and other equipment on the human wrist, it is necessary to measure the capillaries. To get the signal, and the signal obtained through the capillaries can be said to have very weak feedback.

Therefore, as long as the world invests in research and development of smart bracelets with similar functions, manufacturers are adopting various methods to improve the measurement accuracy of optical sensors to ensure the accuracy of the final measurement data. Therefore, the more accurate the algorithm of the bracelet, the higher the measurement accuracy of the optical sensor. Shenzhen Veepoo Technology is well-known in the same industry for its precise algorithms. The smart bracelet of Veepootech’s software algorithm through real-time and continuous monitoring of a series of data such as heart rate, blood oxygen, microcirculation, blood pressure, sleep, exercise, etc., not only can effectively monitor, but also realize early warning and provide effective Recommendations for improvement. Compared with the vast majority of smart bracelets on the market, the commercial products of Veepoo Technology’s software algorithms are more accurate and multi-dimensional, can more accurately and finely reflect the health of consumers, and have higher health guidance and disease prevention significance , Its commercial value is also higher.

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