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The role of smart watch ECG monitoring function

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

ECG monitoring is one of the most commonly used monitorings for acute and critical illness. ECG monitoring mainly monitors the human heart, and observes heart rate changes through the analysis of the ECG waveform. The main purposes of ECG monitoring are as follows.

1. Used for critically ill patients to observe changes in heart rate. For example, sinus tachycardia indicates stress, hypovolemia, cardiac insufficiency, and so on. 2. Used to observe the heart rhythm changes of patients with arrhythmia. Such as ventricular tachycardia converted to sinus tachycardia. 3. Others: used to observe the activity of coronary heart disease, the electrocardiographic effect of hyperkalemia, etc. Before the ECG monitoring technology was applied to smart watches. ECG monitoring is a product far away from us ordinary people, unless we really need ECG monitoring, we will only come into contact with it. But since some major manufacturers applied ECG monitoring technology to their smart watches, the ECG monitoring technology has been integrated into people’s ordinary lives. Apple Watch series 6, Huawei Watch GT2 PRO, Veepoo Watch RIG, Samsung Watch, etc. are all equipped with ECG monitoring technology.

Carrying ECG monitoring technology on smart watches is an inevitable trend of refined technology development. From the perspective of medical health, the daily activities of the heart, in the eyes of most of us, are contractions and relaxations. There is no other knowledge other than that. If the wearer wears a smart watch with an ECG monitoring function, the wearer can view the ECG waveform through the ECG monitoring function, and then understand the health of the heart through the analysis of the doctor. From a long-term perspective, people will pay more attention to their own health. From a commercial point of view, major and small factories have accelerated their deployment in the field of smart watches through their own advantages. Especially in the post-epidemic era, people pay more attention to health.

As you can see from the picture, the fitness industry is gradually growing. Although the fitness industry has been affected in the first quarter of 2020 due to the epidemic. But with the recovery of the epidemic, especially into the post-epidemic era.

Smart watches are equipped with various health technologies, especially blood oxygen monitoring, ECG monitoring, scientific sleep and other functions, and sales will inevitably increase as people’s health awareness increases. However, whether it is a small or large factory, the functions of smart watches will inevitably move towards homogenization. This means that smart watches will continue to add new functions or new technologies to realize the possibility of market development. Veepoo’s latest Veepoo Watch RIG has launched an emergency function for ECG monitoring. What is the ECG monitoring emergency function is that the ECG monitoring function is always running after the wearer puts on the Veepoo Watch RIG. At the same time, when there is any abnormality, Veepoo Watch RIG will promptly remind, including 13 kinds of heart diseases. The ECG monitoring emergency function of Veepoo Watch RIG can effectively help the wearer avoid sudden heart disease. At present, the emergency function of ECG monitoring is Veepoo’s first creation in smart watches. This function will help Veepoo to further develop the market and provide users with better services. Veepoo’s vision is: to maintain the health of hundreds of millions of people. This means that Veepoo not only pursues commercial value, but also pursues social value.

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