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What happened to you after staying up all night for the World Cup?

Many fans stay up late at each World Cup to watch the football game because of the time difference. Exciting moment of shooting, the ecstasy of the team's victory, seems that staying up late is not a big deal. Of course, this year's World Cup is frequently upset, so the double blow of staying up late and heartbroken, many people have "World Cup syndrome" - muddled during the day and crazy at night.

Most of us think that there is nothing wrong with staying up late except for a bad mental state. Some people even get used to staying up late, but you are actually wrong. Frequent staying up late will bring many negative effects to our body.

What exactly staying up late means?

Not sleeping at night is staying up late, such concept is live in many people's mind, but we have always had a misunderstanding about it, that is, we must sleep for a certain period of time, but even according to the diagnostic criteria of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders, insomnia In the diagnosis, there is no such thing as "less than how many hours" as a diagnostic criterion.

For adults, the range of 6 to 8 hours is common, adolescents may be longer than this, and older adults may be shorter than this. However, too short sleep time, such as less than 4 hours, or too long sleep time, such as more than 10 hours, are not conducive to health. For individuals, whether they have had enough sleep, in addition to referring to the above-mentioned sleep duration, another consideration is whether the daytime function is normal, that is, whether there will be fatigue, sleepiness, lack of energy, etc. during the day. We often say the assessment of sleep quality. So whether you stay up late depends not on how late you go to bed, but how long you sleep.

Of course, according to the scientific work and rest, going to bed early and getting up early is more beneficial to physical and mental health.

What are the negative effects of staying up late?

In fact, most people know the harm of staying up late, but there are indeed some people who is “addicted”to stay up all night. And because the harm of staying up late is not immediate, so most of us is uses to ignoring it.

1. The most direct manifestation after staying up late is poor spirits and loss of appetite. Normally, people's sympathetic nerves should rest at night and be excited during the day to support people's work during the day. However, the sympathetic nerves of those who stay up late are excited at night. The so-called relaxation, the sympathetic nerves are difficult to be fully excited the next day after staying up late. In this way, people will have no energy during the day, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, unresponsiveness, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache and other problems. After a long time, problems such as neurasthenia and insomnia will also appear.

2. Staying up late for a long time will lead to obesity, skin damage, decreased immunity, and endocrine disorders, which may lead to various diseases. Insomnia depression. Staying up late hurts the body and the mind. Many young people don't sleep at night, feel sleepy during the day, suffer from neurasthenia and other problems, and even lead to depression.

3. Induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and increase the risk of cancer. When staying up late, people are in a state of tension and cannot get relaxation, resulting in abnormal vasoconstriction and higher blood pressure than normal people, which can easily induce high blood pressure or aggravate the condition. Now the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is gradually increasing and getting younger and younger, often staying up late is one of the incentives. And staying up late will disturb the level of endocrine hormones, cause abnormal cell metabolism, affect the normal division of human cells, lead to cell mutation, and increase the risk of cancer.

How to reduce the "side effects" after staying up late?

  • Eat on time though go to bed late. People who like to stay up late often eat irregularly and cannot eat on time, which leads to problems with digestive function.

  • Drink enough plain water. If you stay up late, your body will be very dehydrated. During the process of staying up late, you should pay attention to replenishing water. You can drink wolfberry jujube tea or chrysanthemum tea, which can not only replenish the body but also reduce internal heat.

  • Eet nutritious and easy to digest food in dinnne. Supper should be based on carbohydrates that can be quickly decomposed into glucose, supplemented by noodles rich in protein and vitamin C, eggs, cauliflower, bitter melon, jujube, hawthorn and other foods. When you often stay up late, you should also strengthen your nutrition during the day, and try to eat as much nutritious food as possible, such as fish and eggs.

  • Go outdoors more. Fresh air is good for physical health and mental well-being, and it's also a great way to get rid of the sluggish state after staying up late.

Smart Watches for Healthy Sleep

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