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HR monitoring is necessary to safely control the intensity of a workout for   cardiac patients

Essentially, monitoring your heart rate will quantify how intense your workout is, and can help optimize your training efforts and aerobic fitness.

Heart Disease Is World's No. 1 Killer

How fit are you, really? your Heart rate has the answer

Your Heart  rate before, during and after exercise


Before exercise

The key variable here is my resting heart rate while being in a totally relaxed state before I do any warming up or exercising at all.


During exercise

RIG can detect  maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate, average heart rate, limit zone, anaerobic endurance aerobic endurance, fat burning zone, warm up zone, etc


After exercise

Typically, a healthy heart will immediately start dropping its rate once exercise has stopped, whereas an unhealthy heart or an unconditioned body will cause your heart rate to remain high after exercise has stopped.

Why choose Watch Rig heart rate function   to manage your health


Resting heart rate  :Maximum error  ± 1 bpm ,patient monitoring for refrence.


dynamic heart rate: maximum error  ± 5 bpm ,Polar chest strap for refrence.


7*24 continuous heart rate monitoring

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